Surfing season : March to the end of November


The Telo Islands (upon request)


The Telo Islands are a group of 51 islands located between the world-famous surf destinations of Nias and the Mentawai Islands, just on the border of North Sumatra.

Regarded by some as "surfing's best-kept secret", over the last few years, the Telos have become another amazing surf spot on Sumatra's west coast, at least for those in the know.

Not as intense or challenging as the waves of the Mentawais, the Telos nonetheless have a great variety of waves - rights, lefts, and barrels - for intermediate to advanced surfers that are ultimately more user-friendly than the Ments. Among the more well-known spots are Misho's (or Max), a long left-hander that wraps around an island; Bombers (or Pastis), a right-hander with the opportunity to barrel; and Monkey, a fun, rippable, and very consistent right-hander. There are also plenty or un-named spots to surf. 

As in the Banyaks, this relatively untouched archipelago is full of beautiful scenery - pristine beaches, coral reefs, and virgin jungle for you to explore.